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Frequently Asked Questions

What music is free to download?

All music that is in the public domain and music under copyright made available to the public by the copyright owner. 

Why should I register for an account?

Having your own account allows you to store your personal music online for quick reference. You can also download your library onto a new music reader or computer, provides you the ability to purchase music for sale/rent, collect royalties-fees, or advertise business services.   If you are using an electronic music reader it may also allow you to store markings such as fingerings too. 


Registered users may contribute to the online library by uploading music. (Please be generous. If you have something we are missing, please upload and share it.

Without registering individuals are limited to downloading PD music only.

Do you share our e-mail or other information with associates?

No.  Your information is used internally only.   We do not share with associates or distribute personal information.

What is Major Composers verses Other Composers?

These are directories of main stream composers.  Major Composers, is a directory of composers that are most popular downloads.  The Other Composers is a directory of other main stream composers. 

What is the School Music Directory?

Music designed for classroom use.  Includes simplified arrangements, works written for level 1,2,3, and 4 band/strings/orchestra, methods and teaching materials including scales and etudes. Includes PD (free) music. 

Teachers are encouraged to share materials they have written with other educators. 

I lost my Password.  How do I obtain access?

Don't lose it!!   Choose something you can remember.  We can send out a password reset to the e-mail you have on file, but if you have changed your e-mail and did not update your account with us, we wouldn't have any way to send you a temporary password.            

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