Stringed instruments are delicate, which limits where a string quartet can perform. Severe weather may limit our ability to perform outside. Instruments need to be kept dry and must not overheat. Therefore we cannot play where spray, or water will get on the instruments. (ie. sprinklers, rain, etc.) The instruments are also put together with a heat-sensitive glue which tends to come apart when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore total shade must be provided for any outside performances.

Arizona has a beautiful climate for outside events, but we can not control the weather. You may wish to make advanced arrangements with your hosting facility to move indoors should the weather turn nasty.

Although we are flexible and do our best under adverse conditions to meet your needs, Performances under the following conditions are at the discretion of the individual players.

o below 45 Deg. Fah. or above 105 Deg. Fah.
Wind so strong:
o blows the stands over. o blows the bows off of the strings. o blows clipped music off stand. o stands are turning in wind during performance.
Adequate room to perform:
o Sufficient space path for bowing: A string quartet requires at least 8' x 8'. o We cannot have people in or moving near the bow path for safety:
o No Misting system may be used by the instrtuments.
o Electric power needs to be provided.
Hazardous conditions to ensemble or their equipment (ie. lightening on Golf Course) Insufficient space for ensemble to perform safely.

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